Sat 29th BB + WOD

"Every 2 mins x16 LH Snatch Double Giant set x3 Press in Split x6 e/side Good Morning x10 Alt posterior Lunge x12 " WOD "In teams 20 min timer 800m Run Check in AMRAP remaining time* 6 sync over worm burpees 9 sync worm to other side 12 sync worm Lunges 15 MU/BPU *3...

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Fri 28th WOD & Skills

Practise skills for the WOD WOD "With a partner complete 10R 6 Synchro Deadlifts (BW) 12 Def/ HSPU's 6 Strict C2B/ PUs 1km Airdyne/ 200m Run together* *alt each Round " Skills "15 mins est a max HS Hold Every 3 mins x4R 75 DUs Max u/b HSPU Rest 3 mins Core Finisher...

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Thurs 27th WOD & BB

"Giant set x3 Offset Lunge x2L e/side 4 DBall or Sandbag Over Shoulder 12 DB Pullovers 2 min rest- work on TTB/DU's " WOD "10 x 10s on, 50s Rest Airdyne Cals Rest 5 mins 10 min AMRAP 1 TTB… 15 DU's (increase TTB by 1 every Round) BB "Clean and Jerk EMOM x10 Clean...

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Wed 26th Feb WOD

"Every 2 mins x12 mins Snatch Pull + LH Snatch (1+1)x2" WOD "3 min on, 2 min off x3R AMRAP 10 Pistols 5 Dumbell Clean + Press e/s 3 Ring Muscle Ups / Burpee PUs"

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Tues 25th Feb WOD & BB

"Back Squat EMOMx9 3 reps (RPE 9-10)2 reps1 rep 2nd round -5-10% 3rd round -5-10% WOD "Get AFAP 40-30-20-10 (18 min timer) Machine Cals Lunge w/plate (20/15) Burpees to plate" BB "Snatch 5x3 @65-75% S/set x3 Snatch Push Press x4 Snatch grip Pendlay Row ME (same...

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Mon 24th Feb WOD

"EMOM x4 Power Clean+Strict Press EMOM x4 Power Clean+Push Press EMOM x4 Power Clean+Push Jerk " WOD "5R Rest 1:1 5 Power Clean 7 Cal Ski or Row 9 Box Jumps "

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Friday 21st Feb WOD+ Skills

"In pairs s/set x3 Good Morning x12 Floor Press x12 s/set x3 OH Lunge x12 Russian KB Swing x15 WOD "AMRAP 5 mins in pairs 12-9-6 a) Row Cals b) Thruster Rest 2 mins AMRAP 5 mins in pairs 12-9-6 a) Thruster b) Row Cals" Skills "3R- 80% HS Hold 30s L-Sit paralettes 3...

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Thursday 20th Feb WOD & BB

Work on skills in the WOD WOD "9RFT (24 min timer) 200m Run 10m Handstand Walk or 20 shoulder taps 1 BMU/ C2B/ PU* *Increases by 1 every round " BB "15 mins work up to a heavy set Power Clean + Clean + Hang Clean + Jerk 2 more sets @ 90% Clean Pull 3x3 above 1RM Clean...

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Wed 19th Feb WOD

"4R 3 Paused (2s) Front Squat 1L e/arm Marching suitcase carry 3 Weighted Pull Ups " WOD "Alternating 30s on, 30s off with a partner 3R for max reps/Cals (complete all rounds on each movement before moving on) Cleans ~50% 1 min rest HR Down Ups 1 min rest Row "

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