Thurs 30th Jan WOD & BB

A) 10 min timer 3 sets, build to a moderate weight Hang Power Clean + Jerk (1+1)x3 est a max set C2B B) Then for unbroken sets (barbell cycling) 9 Hang Power Clean and Jerk 60% C2B 7 Hang Power Clean and Jerk 60% C2B 5 Hang Power Clean and Jerk 60% C2B 3 Hang Power...

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Tues 28th Jan WOD &BB

"Every 3 mins for 5 Rounds Power Clean + Clean (2+1) 5 Tall Box Jumps" WOD "500m Row 40 Power Cleans (42.5/30) 30 Front Squats 20 FR Lunges 10 BMU" BB "Clean Pull + LH Clean Pull + Clean start @70% and build across 6 sets AMRAP FR Hold (above 1RM Front Squat) x30s...

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Mon 27th Jan WOD

"EMOMx10 1 push press + 1 jerk (1st set RPE 8)" WOD "For max reps complete 2R 90s Wallballs 90s Rest 90s A/D or Ski Cals 90s Rest (compare to 6/1/2020) "

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Sat 25th Jan BB & WOD

BB "Front Squat 6x2 (1st rep tempo 3:2:X:0) start ~85%, build if possible Bench Press- work up to a heavy 5 reps in 10 mins, then with 80% of this weight complete 2 more sets of 5 reps focusing on speed up. " Strength Push Jerk 6-4-2 x2 waves WOD "0-5mins Run 800m...

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Fri 24th Jan WOD & Skills

Est a 3RM Hang Clean WOD "In pairs complete 100 Double Unders a) 15/12 Cal Machine + 25 Sit Ups b) 25 Sit Ups + 15/12 Cal Machine 80 DUs a) 15/12 Cal Machine + 20 Sit Ups b) 20 Sit Ups + 15/12 Cal Machine 60 DUs a) 15/12 Cal Machine + 15 Sit Ups b) 15 Sit Ups + 15/12...

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Thurs 23rd Jan WOD & BB

"5-5-3-3-3 Tempo Back Squat (3:2:X:0) 10-20s C2B/Kip Practice btn Rounds" WOD "3 ind timed Rounds 15 Thrusters 15 C2B 30/20 Cal Row" BB "Snatch Doubles (pausing @ liftoff 2s each) x8 sets building Snatch Deadlift 4x3 (above 1RM) AMRAP Filly press x5 +20m walk Face...

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Wed 22nd Jan WOD

"AMRAP 18 mins(Quality) 3 Deadlifts ~70% (3s negative) 6 Tall Box Jumps 15x Prone T-Raise 10x Banded s/a Row e/side 20x Shoulder taps" WOD 500m Row For Time

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Tues 21st Jan WOD & BB

"Every 2 mins x5R Snatch Pull + LH Snatch 2 mins rest Every 2 mins x4R Snatch Pull + LH Sn Pull (1+2)" WOD "3RFT KB/DB Farmers Carry x50m 15 TTB 10 D Ball over shoulder 400m Run " BB "Clean + Front Squat + Jerk (1+2+1) start ~ 80% c&j and build for 6 sets AMRAP...

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